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Whitehall Management

Whitehall began in 1980 as promoters of a conservative financial philosophy with an emphasis on being debt-free and purchasing safe investments.

Over the next 2 decades, thousands of different doctors have attended seminars or purchased audio programs dedicated to the idea of doctors becoming financially independent while they were still young enough to enjoy their accumulation. Whitehall has hosted over 2500 seminars in 46 of the 50 United States, as well as provinces in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

In 2004, Whitehall Management was voted Best Consulting Firm in America by’s independent survey of 2200 practices.

Today, Greg Stanley and his team of personally trained consultants work with hundreds of dental practices, promoting success and helping doctors to achieve their individual career goals. Whitehall consultants have worked with over 5000 different doctors located around the world.

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Our Consultants


GregGreg Stanley

Greg Stanley graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in 1975. Since that time, Greg has spoken to over 50,000 health care professionals on the topics of practice management and finance. In addition to producing over 200 monthly audio recordings, Greg has created 17 full-length audio education programs on topics ranging from practice overhead and control to team building and marketing.

Greg Stanley has been the key seminar presenter for Whitehall Management for the past 34 years and has spoken regularly in Canada, Australia and various European countries. In 2004, voted Whitehall Management the Best Practice Management of The Year (from 2,200 write-in votes).

RonRonald Peterson DDS, MS

I practiced periodontics in Arizona for over 20 years. I’ve also taught at three universities. I’ve served as president of the Arizona State Dental Association, as well as the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners and the Western Regional Examining Board. I’ve also been a member of the Commission on Accreditation and Council on Education for the American Dental Association. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve been involved with numerous other business activities over the past 30 years.

LauraLaura S. Gainor

I’ve been with Whitehall Management as a consultant since 2008. Prior to Whitehall, I spent 12 years in the orthodontic field working for three high quality, fee for service practices. I have experience in almost every position in an orthodontic office, including 7 years as a treatment coordinator. I also have 12 years of experience in the marketing services field as an account manager for a major marketing research firm, and a client service director for a database marketing firm, both in Chicago. Over the years, I’ve spent many hours volunteering for various school and community organizations. I’m originally a native of northeast Ohio, graduated from Bowling Green State University with a B.S. in marketing, and lived for 20 years in Chicago before moving to Phoenix in 2000. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, biking and golf.

WesWes Warren

I was drafted to play minor league baseball for the Red Sox right out of high school, but I chose to continue my education instead. After completing two years in college, I joined the Astros organization and played for a short time before deciding to pursue a career in business. My professional career began at Whitehall Management in 2001. My first position with Whitehall was in the media department where I edited and mailed audio sets and other educational materials. I worked my way up through the company from there. I began answering the phones and taking calls, and before I knew it, I was maintaining my own clients as a Whitehall Consultant. As a coach, I helped dozens of doctors achieve five million dollars in collections, or more, many starting from as little as $300,000 per year. In working with our clients, it was discovered that I had a knack for marketing, and I was soon given the opportunity to focus on Whitehall’s growth as the Marketing Director. Whitehall quadrupled in size as we reshaped the services we offer to our clients. Also during that time, I handled the marketing of hundreds of practices and delivered thousands of new patients managing direct mail, TV, and Internet, just to name a few platforms. Finally, in 2008 I took my current position as CEO of Whitehall Management. I now oversee our entire operation, and I can’t wait to see what else Whitehall has in store for me!