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greg_stanleyOur consultants work with practices earning as little as $20,000 per month or as much as $500,000 per month. We understand that the same blueprint doesn’t work for every practice, but our goal is to create a specialized blueprint for each of our clients. Our techniques are tested and proven. We can truly turn your small business into a mega producer.

We give our clients the opportunity to choose the level of growth they want. At the zenith arePlatinum Coaching clients. These practices receive in-depth statistical analyses of their production numbers and expenses, staff performance reviews and interviews, in-depth team leader training, as well as a complete overhaul of their business with constant access to our top consultants including our company’s president, Greg Stanley.

Platinum Coaching

Our Platinum Coaching program is designed to proactively foster your practice’s growth and develop a culture of personal accountability to carry you to the next level. Platinum Coaching offers:

Consistent Communication

Weekly phone calls with your assigned, dedicated consultant ensure a solid professional relationship. Time isn’t wasted refreshing the memory of your coach, because that coach has comprehensive knowledge of your practice, your staff, your numbers, and the goals you have for your future. The consultant takes notes and retains data about your practice for their reference. The time set aside for you and your coach is your own. Calls can be taken by the doctor, staff in need of training, or by the Clinic Administrator (or office manager) of the practice. Whitehall Consultants provide guidance and a plan of action, but their objective is to answer your questions and help you to achieve your goals.

Staff Education

A Platinum Whitehall office relies on staff to manage the practice so the doctor can focus on doing dentistry. Staff are invited to join us for our Home Office Trainings held here in Scottsdale. These two-day training sessions are intensive courses where staff is instructed in a classroom setting, and tested on their comprehension. Test results from these courses are sent to the doctor following the seminar. Staff is also trained by phone, as much as necessary. They’re welcomed to contact Whitehall with questions outside of scheduled calls. Our skilled support staff is happy to help!

Mastermind Meetings

In addition to our Home Office Training sessions, Whitehall hosts Mastermind Meetings throughout the year. These meetings have been praised as our most esteemed of all. Doctors and leadership gather at these seminars from all of our practices, big and small, and from all over the country. Lead by Greg, attendees discuss current, pressing issues facing the dental community today. Doctors are encouraged to ask questions and share their ideas, providing valuable information to all those in attendance.

Training Materials

Our electronic training modules, complete with testing, are found to be very helpful in providing a foundation for learning. Modules are delivered by email and available to every staff member in our Platinum offices. In fact, Platinum Clients are entitled to benefit from all of our new material, as it is developed.

Personalized Guidance Toward Success

With 34 years of experience working with dentists in all stages of practice, Whitehall has gathered vast amounts of knowledge, and we’re still learning! We work hard to stay informed and remain on top of current trends in dentistry. Whitehall staff is highly dedicated to understanding your vision for practice, and guiding you toward success!

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