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After 34 years in dentistry and after working intimately inside over 15,000 dental practices, I’ve learned something surprising… dentists are shockingly under valued and remarkably under appreciated. How do I know? Because I asked GPs how they decided which dentist to refer patients to and their answers were shocking.

Instead of being seen the way you SHOULD be – as the TOP 1% of the entire dental profession and the top doctor in your town – General Practitioners see you as “the same” as every other specialist. Sure, they respect your specialization, but they have very little appreciation for the fact that, as in ALL fields, some professionals are BETTER at their craft than others. All too often, the GP’s referral goes to the doctor who gave them a meal or a gift most recently. Or they refer to the doctor that’s in their church or country club. Is that REALLY how this should work? Do patients really want to be handed off to a specialist based upon gifts or friendships? I’m confident that the answer is no. And the good news for you is things in your area are about to RADICALLY change. GPs are about to STOP referring to the best networker/gifter/friend and START referring to the practice they see as the BEST in the area. The real question is… is that YOU?

Imagine this…

Imagine the majority of GPs in your town regularly and consistently referring ALL of their patients to your practice. Not because you’re the most friendly or because you go to their church or because you bought them tickets to the game or fed their staff last week. They send you ALL of their patients because they recognize and RESPECT the fact that you are unquestionably THE VERY BEST in town. Period.

Ours is a system that could be franchised, because we are working off of a set of principles that can easily be replicated. Are there obstacles to overcome? Of course. But my Whitehall Management team and I have led thousands of offices to record level achievements in what some are calling the darkest days of dentistry in the worst economy many have seen in their lifetimes. These results are not just typical, they’re expected.

First: Positioning/Marketing

GPs need to be seeking YOU out, not you seeking them. This is actually much easier to do than you might imagine. Once GPs in your area KNOW you’re the top dog in the dental world, they will go out of their way to refer to your practice and yours alone. In 30 years, 15,000+ practices, 1 million and .5 million dollar GP practices, we KNOW how you can easily get and keep their attention and do it based on MERIT and SKILL, not hype.

After intensively researching what’s working and what’s not working, it’s become clear that “marketing” currently consists of lunch dates, feeding GP front desk staff members, gifting (in some cases I witnessed what was clearly bordering on bribing), golf outings, etc.

As one doctor told me,

“It all reminds me of high school. The cliques, the popularity contest, the stress of wondering about who ‘likes’ you, who doesn’t … the anxiety of knowing your new patient flow depends on the whim and favor of someone other than yourself”

You and I both know you didn’t dedicate yourself to the time, energy, effort and expense of becoming a dentist so you’d be judged based upon popularity and perks, rather than on the real skill, talents and value you provide the community.

Second: Systems

Once the GPs in your area understand that the ONLY sensible and intelligent referral is to YOUR practice because they CAN’T find a better doctor to refer to, you’ll see an immediate wave of new patient referrals ringing your phone, filling your appointment book, and taking up all the chairs in your reception room. This is a double-edged sword if your staff isn’t prepared with internal systems and checklists in place to effectively process these new patients that will be flooding your reception room. Remember… getting the FIRST GP referral based on merit and skill is EASY. Giving the patients the EXPERIENCE that demonstrates the quality of care and skill you offer is what keeps them coming.

The problem is this…

You’re doing ok. You’re obviously not missing any meals, your family lives a nice life, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’re not experiencing the prosperity that rightfully belongs to the top 1% of dental students. You don’t deserve the struggle you’ve been facing to fill your chairs with patients.

The marketing (more accurately called “positioning”) I’m going to install in your office is so powerful that the very first thing you’re going to do is look me in the eye and say what nearly every doctor says: Please don’t let anyone else in my area use this. And my response will be: Your wish is my command. Once you allow me to install this positioning system in your practice… NO specialist in your area can access this information for ANY amount of money. It’s your secret weapon that keeps your chairs full and allows you to Double Your Net. That way, you can not only fill your schedule, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not going to have to compete with other doctors using these powerful programs.

I’m talking about a marketing/positioning system so strong that you’ll actually stop GPs from cutting corners to keep cases in house. They’ll refer to you in spite of the gifts, food, and tickets lavished upon them. The people who network and schmooze your GPs will be BAFFLED as to how they fail to get the referrals and YOU get them ALL.

It’s through this research that we’ve developed a program that accomplishes 5 things for each of our doctors

  1. Double your referrals within 90 days of this event and training (most doctors can’t physically accommodate double, but we will certainly fill your practice up to capacity)
  2. NEVER need to schmooze or gift. Seize complete control of your practice’s future and financial security
  3. Position yourself and your practice in the GP community in your town so that you appear to be the ONLY sensible and intelligent choice for them to refer to, based on your skills and merit, not based on fancy gift giving. Best of all, I’ll show you how to do this 100% ethically and morally with a level of professionalism that the GPs in your area have NEVER seen before
  4. Install tested and proven systems that allow your practice and staff to handle twice the patient flow with virtually zero increase in stress or effort
  5. Put yourself in position to IMMEDIATELY Retire In Practice, taking at least 10-12 weeks of vacation in the coming 12 months. Take more hours and days off every week than you ever imagined possible.

This is all probably hard to believe, so call 480-860-5700 to schedule a FREE 30-minute call with Greg and Wes. Let them explain how it all works!

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